Run a Game Studio: Jippity

Run a Game Studio: Jippity

Where artists, coders, story-tellers and music-makers come together.

AICodingCollaborationStorytellingPrompt EngineeringGame DesignLogic & Reasoning
Organized by Jippity

What you'll do

Team up with 2 other kids to create your own studio. It's up to you and your studio to decide what exactly you'll do. You could build A Game A Week, like the Dead Coder's Society, or you could operate in 🥷Stealth🥷 until your next hit game is released.

What you'll learn

  • Project management
  • Collaboration
  • Prompt Engineering
  • Javascript, HTML, CSS (the backbone of the internet)
  • Clear Communication
  • Game Design

What you'll need

  • Basic knowledge of programming & prompt engineering
  • A drive to build something new
  • Good listening skills


Jacob Shulman


Kaelin Hooper

Lead Engineer at Recess, but my friends call me a golden retriever

Benjamin Somers

Founder of Recess, otherwise pretty chill. Insatiably curious about Physics, Surfing, and Teaching.

Joan Cornudella

Dad, Educator, Montessorian and technologist. Chronically curious.

$200.00 Per month