Dungeons & Dragons: Starter Campaign

Dungeons & Dragons: Starter Campaign

Become and adventurer. Join a Party. Tell your story by playing the world’s best roleplaying game

CollaborationSocialStorytellingBeginner FriendlyProblem Solving 18 Kids Registered
Organized by Guild of Imagination

What you'll do:

In this 6-8 week beginner campaign, you will:

  • Create your own character
  • Join together with your party and go on a thrilling adventure
  • Work together to solve problems and overcome obstacles
  • Collaboratively tell a story
  • Make great friends along the way

Concepts encountered:

Role-playing * Teamwork * Improvisation * Storytelling * Empathy * Morality


11-13yo: Mondays

8-11yo: Wednesdays & Thursdays


Hail and well met, adventurer!

You're about to embark in your first adventure. Perhaps you'll find yourself in the legendary Sword Coast of the Forgotten Realms and travel to the small village of Phandalin, I hear there are goblins moving about there. Or maybe you'll find yourself delving into the depths of an time-weathered ruin in the deep desert.

Wherever your journeys take you, know that there is adventure waiting around every nook and cranny in these parts. And remember, in Dungeons and Dragons, it's always up to you and your friends to tell the stories you want to tell!


Nathalie Meth

I keep Recess running behind the scenes. I'm also a mom and an amazing guide (she didn't write this)

Joan Cornudella

Dad, Educator, Montessorian and technologist. Chronically curious.

Kaelin Hooper

Lead Engineer at Recess, but my friends call me a golden retriever

Dean McKinnon

DM Extraodinaire. His passion is offering kids the opportunity for creativity, problem-solving and imaginative play with a team of friends.

Joe Worthington

DM & player for 8+ yrs. Experienced Actor. Passionate about storytelling, strategy, and embodying characters. Favorite D&D class: Bard!

Stormy Leary

Experienced DM & Passionate Creative. I love storytelling, art, and the collaborative and imaginative problem-solving D&D presents!

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